Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Dollar and Food Lion..

At Family Dollar you can get Queen Covergirl nail products for free. Clip May 1st $2.50 off 2 and it could even be a money maker. I replaced our nail clips, emory board, file and cheese grater thingy doo :)

Food Lion deals starting today:

03/27 Red Plum makes M&M singles $0.22 with buy one get one free.
05/15 Red Plum makes Wisk Laundry Detergent 50 ounce bottle $1.99
05/15 Red Plum Sundown Vitamins are $3.00
05/15 Smartsource makes General Mills Cereals $1.50 after buy one free sale and coupon
05/15 Smartsource Kraft Salad Dressing coupon makes it $1.00
04/17 Smartsource Totinos Party Pizza coupon + Buy one get one free sale makes it $0.58 (limit 2 free)
05/15 Smartsource Oscar Mayer Meat or Weiners + buy one get one sale makes them $1.70
05/01 Smartsource Betty Crocker Helper products are $0.75
05/01 P&G Bounty Paper Towels are $0.75
Grapes are 99 cents a pound! We go through those SO fast!

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