Monday, May 9, 2011

Groupon and other daily deal sites!

For Groupon deals, you need to join Groupon which is free! I have purchased 21 deals from Groupon this year and check it daily. ♥ it! If you are going to buy anything at Groupon, go through Ebates first. This way, every Groupon purchase you make will give you some money back and this adds up! They send out a paper check right to your door every quarter. If I am going to buy anything online, I check their site first so I can route through them and earn cash back. Nothing hidden - Just money back that you can keep up with in real time on their page. Follow my links above to sign up for each first!

You can check out all the deals if you wish but I will post family friendly ones here:

Museum - So, no kidding, this is a tow truck museum in Chattanooga - but at a great deal! :)
Faux Real Painters: Pay $112 for 2 coats of paint in one room - Atlanta deal with mileage restrictions. Read the information before buying. We recently had estimates for this and this is a great deal!
Kid to Kid: Kid's clothing and maternity clothing at several locations - Pay $7 for $15 worth of clothing in Cobb county.
My FAVORITE! Blockbuster Express $2 for 5 rentals. We now have these in Cartersville, Rome and two in Adairsville! Great for new releases and you can rent online at BlockbusterExpress. Enter your zip code to find the kiosk closest to you, choose your movies, enter your code from Groupon and you're done. Go to the kiosk, swipe your credit card and your movies will pop out. So quick and easy and CHEAP! This is a national deal even though it says Naples. It doesn't matter where you use it. You can buy 5 of these. They do not expire for one year and I like to give a code to the person in front of me or behind me. It's not much but a free movie is nice!

Make sure you load Groupon onto your Mobile to have access to all your codes on the go.

Invite to LivingSocial:
The Smoothie Express: Located in Cobb County - Get $10 to spend for $5.

PuttnPlay: Two options to choose from for miniature golf and more in Loganville.

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